Stuart Bailie


Software Suites

Operating Systems

Active Directory

4 years

Windows 2003

2 years

Backup Exec

4 years

Windows XP

3 years

Corel Suite 2002

3 years

Windows 2000

7 years


2 years

Windows NT

4 years

Microsoft Office 2000

3 years

Windows 95

3 years

Microsoft Office 2003

2 years

Windows 3.x

3 years

Microsoft Office XP

3 years

Dos 6.x

3 years

Norton Ghost

5 years

Linux – Red Hat

1 year

Symantec Anti-Virus

3 years

Symantec Backup Exec

5 years


Support Skills

Hardware Platforms

Blackberry support

3 years

3COM Switches

1 year


1 year

Dell Servers

2 years

IIS 5.0/6.0

2 years

Dell Desktops

2 years


3 years

HP Servers

5 years

MS-SQL 2000

3 years

HP Desktops

6 years

MySQL 2.x

1 year

IBM Servers

1 year


4 years

IBM Desktops

1 year

Visual Basic

5 years

Rack mounting designs

4 years


1 year

SMC Switches

2 years

Sonicwall Firewalls

1 year


2008 Sept. - 2009 Feb.

Ontario College of Teachers

Technical Support

Contract Position

  • Provided technical support for individuals during operating hours

  • Provided research and development for outstanding problems

  • Created documentation for routine problems for end user support

  • Assisted in migrating users from Windows 2000 to XP using Norton Ghost 7.5

Technical Summary: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, Ghost, TrackIT!, Resource Central, Dell Servers/Desktop

2007 May – 2008 Aug.


System Administrator

  • Provided support for individuals who required after hours support

  • Supported small businesses in with their infrastructure

  • Deployed Windows Active Directory to growing companies

  • Aided small businesses in back procedures

  • Designed intranet sites to aid in work flow processes

Technical Summary: Windows 2003R2, Windows XP, IIS, ASP, MySQL, VPN-PPTP, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, HP Servers/Desktops

2007 Dec. – 2008 Feb.

TotalLine Transportation

Network Administrator

  • Helped with the day to day running of the servers

  • Worked with upgrading and patching of software

  • Deployed new servers to meet with company requirements

  • Provided scripting support to help automate tasks

  • Provided off hours support for users in other time zones

  • Assisted in the purchasing and acquiring of hardware

Technical Summary: Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, RDP, VBScript, HP Servers, EtherReal/WireShark, Rack mounting designs

2006 Sept.-
2007 Apr.


Backup Administrator
Contract position

  • Provided support for Veritas Backup Exec for versions 8.5 through 10.1d

  • Created new documentation and support materials for CGI clients to have a consistent backup across multiple companies and sites

  • Assisted in creating a custom automated reporting script for Backup Exec to pull data from multiple servers

  • Supported and trained users/administrators on proper backup methods

  • Provided troubleshooting when backups would fail for both hardware and software

  • Helped streamline internal helpdesk issues

Technical Summary: Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Veritas Backup Exec 10.x, Active Directory, VBScript, Vmware

2001 Feb..-
2006 May

CNW Group Ltd.

System Administrator (2003 November to 2006 May)

  • Promoted to System Administrator after demonstrating keen insight into server and networking trouble resolution.

  • Supported and maintained 100 servers across the country by using remote access tools for system support and upgrades. This included building, deploying and monitoring systems from Vancouver to Halifax.

  • Implemented a company wide data backup system for support of the Disaster Recovery Procedure, DRP, from documents that were laid out by management. This altered the backup from a per site backup to a central backup that was performed at the primary and secondary locations of CNW.

  • Deployed security systems to aid the Windows clients in CNW including Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition and Shavlik NetChkPro.

  • Assisted in drafting the on call support document for all of the IT-Technical Services group to abide by.

  • Was Technical Coordinator for a translation project which helped raise staff efficiency for French-English translation services. During the project I was responsible for the server deployments in Toronto while co-ordinating the various stages with the people in Montreal.

  • Worked in a data-center a few days a month to help with onsite work. This was done in addition to the remote work that would be provided via terminal services and VNC.

  • Assumed the role of Server Architect for the roll out of webcast servers that would be mirrored between the Toronto and Montreal offices for the purpose of DRP. This large project allowed for the expansion of podcasting and a greater number of audio/video streams to client machines across the internet. Hardware costs for this project exceeded $100 000.

IT Specialist (February 2001 to October 2003)

  • Provided technical support for more than 250 users across six branches. Remote control tools were used when dealing with the branch offices, while personal visits were done for people in the local branch. Problem solving ranged from simple printer problems to issues with internet connectivity in remote locations.

  • Administrative duties consisted of working with tape backup systems.

  • New systems were deployed to match upgrades for older systems and to accommodate new users. Five systems were created initially by hand, then, with the aid of scripts and the use of Norton Ghost, we would release an average of 10 new systems per month.

  • While in this role, I created a standards guide for both PC deployment and standard troubleshooting.

Technical Summary: Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Active Directory, Backup Exec, Corel Suite 2002, EtheReal/WireShark, Microsoft Office, Ghost, Symantec Anti-Virus, Blackberry Support, Copia, HP Servers/Desktops/Laptops, HTML/ASP, IBM Laptops, IIS, MS-SQL2000, VBScript, VMware, Data center, Linux – Red Hat, Symantec Backup Exec 9.x/10.x, Rack mounting designs


Royal Bank
VPN Specialist
Contract position

  • This was a contract based on the short transition time that was given to the Royal Bank Clients.

  • Was part of an eight person team that provided support for a transition from one VPN system to a new VPN system for Royal Bank's corporate customer base.

Technical Summary: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95


Ontario College of Teachers
PC Deployment Manager
Contract position

  • Initial duties consisted of a roll out of new Windows NT desktop computers, Windows 98 laptop computers for everyone at the College, numbering around 150 systems, and new printer deployments. Design, configuration, and ghosting were all required for the progress of the roll out.

  • As the roll out progressed and more time was available I worked as a system administrator and as technical support.

  • The system administration duties consisted of backing up several NT servers with "Backup Exec", creating and modifying user accounts, and updating network infrastructure.

  • Technical support was largely for the older Windows 95 systems and laptop VPN issues.

  • An initiative to track and keep a running history on each machine was also undertaken to assist the help desk and inventory tracking.

Technical Summary: Windows NT, VBScript, Ghost, Micorsoft Office, Symantec Anti-Virus, Dell Desktops/Laptops, Symantec Backup Exec 9.x, Rack mounting designs


Honda of Canada Manufacturing
LAN Assistant
Contract position

  • Assisted with the growth and development of Honda's network. Components consisted of ATM Fiber backbone to cat5 10/100 connection to the desktop on an IP based network.

  • Managed configuration, deployment, and firmware upgrades to network switches.

  • Worked to ensure the network connectivity for all users and servers on the network.

Technical Summary: TCP/IP, 3Com Switches


Tecumseth South Public School
Computer Assistant
Contract position

  • Acted as an assistant for all teachers in the school to help them and their students with all of their computer questions and needs. Also supervised the creation of the school web site that was being developed by some of the grade 8 students.

  • Helped administer the local Windows NT network by performing user management and system backups.

Technical Summary: NT Backup, Windows NT

(3rd co-op)

Greening Donald


  • Researched and developed a warehouse lathe die tracking program. The program generated reports based on performance of each die.

  • Also worked with the staff performing various technical support issues.

Technical Summary: Windows 95, Visual Basic 6.0

(2nd co-op)

Quantum Information Resources

Junior Systems Analyst

  • Worked with project managers to provide ideas for current projects. Reviewed documentation before it was issued to companies to ensure accurate statistics.

(1st co-op)

Internet Café

Technical Support/Instructor

  • Assisted new users with learning about the Internet and how to use various Internet tools to find information.

Technical Summary: Windows 95, Windows 3.1

1994 -

Ontario Classics Conference Committee


  • Researched and developed the Ontario Classics Conference score keeping program. The current running version was developed under VB 6.0 where enhancements are done each year to provide greater flexibility and functionality.

  • Upgrades have consisted of an "HTML Report Generator" and a greater number of reports as requested by the teachers.

  • Each year the program is used to accelerate all score processing for events that have been attended by the students.

  • Attend meetings twice a year and vote on issues that other members raise.

Technical Summary: Dos 6.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Office 2000, MySQL 2.x


Capture Vision
Computer Operator

  • Worked at an image editing booth at Canada's Wonderland. Assisted with LANTASTIC network failures and conflicts.

Technical Summary: DOS 6.x



Polar Bear Training
Toronto, Ontario
Microsoft Implementing and Maintaining Windows 2003
A week long course that taught installation techniques and how to maintain a Windows 2003 Active Directory.


Polar Bear Training
Toronto, Ontario
Microsoft Deploying and Maintaining Windows 2000
Initial course towards getting the MCSA.

2000 Feb. -
2000 June

Alliston Learning Centre
Alliston, Ontario
Microsoft Certified Professional
Courses included:
Windows NT Workstation, Server and Enterprise Editions

1995 -

Georgian College of Applied Arts & Technology
Barrie, Ontario
Computer Programmer/Analyst Co-Op Program
Courses included:
COBOL, dBASE IV, Systems Analysis and Design, C++, Visual Basic 5, Assembler for Mainframes, Web Master Development




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